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Research and training
in the field of cultural heritage restoration 

European Centre for Restoration, Professional Construction School Department and CPT of Florence

e CPT di Firenze

The Professional Construction School and CPT of Florence has officialised its presence in the Italian education scene in the field of restoration with the creation of the European Centre for Restoration department (CER), the laboratories of which are located at the Medici Villas Petraia and Castello.

The organisation is dedicated to education and advanced research in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage and it strictly collaborates with the world of  esearch, business, and academic education. It works nationally and internationally, promoting and managing educational courses, specialisations, continuing professional education, and excellence in the field of conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

It focuses on the education of intermediate level figures who are able to work by best using their manual and technological skills and historical knowledge combined with a competent use of materials; the relationships with the authorities and the University ensure a high scientific and cultural level.

In accordance with current legislation, CER carries out, among other projects, three-year training courses for the role of Cultural Heritage Restoration Technician (Skilled Technician), in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework  EQF IVa that are recognised and/or financed by Regione Toscana.

The Cultural Heritage Restoration Technician courses are provided in three different areas:

  • Carved wood artefacts, furniture, and wooden structures
  • Paintings on wooden and textile support
  • Decorated architectural surfaces

The first three courses have been running for about fifteen years and are financed or recognised by the Tuscan regional system board as ongoing courses. The fourth course regarding stone materials has been recently created in collaboration with Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore (the institution that manages the Dome of Florence) with the aim of continuing the extremely specialised professionalism of those working in the conservation of stone goods.

In addition to the training for Cultural Heritage Restoration Technicians, CER, in partnership with other training agencies, runs professional training courses recognised or financed for different roles, including:

– Makers of artistic handicraft wooden objects using cabinet-making techniques

– Makers of artistic handicraft wooden objects using gilding and decoration techniques

Chairman: Giovanni Calamandrei

Director: Alessandro Alfaioli

Info: tel. 055470004 info@cerfirenze.it

Head Office: Via Lorenzo il Magnifico 8-10 Florence Tel.055 4625035 info@scuolaedile.fi.it, 

Course Location: Villa La Petraia – Via della Petraia, 40 – Florence (Castello area). Other locations vary depending on the onsite training activated each time in accordance with the educational requirements.

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